Lift Case Studies


AScissor Lifts: A national electric motor manufacturer had a unique challenge for CSI: Assist them with streamlining their quality control phase of their production process while focusing attention on safety and injury prevention.  A CSI material handling expert visited the facility and observed the process and recommended a scissor lift.  This versatile solution met many needs for the customer:  the lift can be accessed with a pallet jack without the need of an access ramp, the lift has a curb angle so pallets can’t easily fall off, safety is maintained at all times with the presence of a velocity fuse and accordion curtains, the elimination of “pearl diving” into the storage container, and the process is streamlined as a handling step has been eliminated – the customer no longer has to stage the motor.  What was once done manually and left the production line exposed to injury was now streamlined and safer, thanks to CSI.

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