Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack Case Studies

Pallet racks create order and optimize storage space in warehouses and other facilities, making effective use of available storage space and ceiling height. Basic pallet rack consists of upright steel frames connected by horizontal beams; pallets rest on the beams between the frames. Two frames and the corresponding beams form a “bay” of rack. Pallet load height and the amount of vertical space available determine how many pallet positions can fit in a bay of rack.

Pallet racks are highly configurable, and can be customized for everything from building construction to order picking applications. Container Systems offers a full line of pallet rack options, including:

We offer new pallet racking products, as well as used.

Selective Pallet Racks
Drive-In Rack
Drive-Thru Rack
Pushback Rack
Flow Rack
Cantilever Rack
Portable Rack
Specialty Rack

When determining your pallet racking requirements consider wire decks for odd shaped items, items not on a pallet, safety and fire suppression considerations.

If you’re unsure of which pallet rack wire decking system is right for your needs, we can help. The Container Systems team will work with you to develop a solution that promotes effective warehouse logistics and maximizes your facility’s safety, security, and available space.

We also offer complete installation services for all our pallet rack systems.

Request a quote today on used or new pallet racking for your facility, or contact Container Systems for more information.

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