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Gravity conveyor

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Gravity conveyor is an economical unit load conveyor. Where pitch can be obtained and the product does not need to be controlled there are few reasons to have power. Gravity conveyor is exceptional for transporting product short distances. Gravity conveyor can prevent personnel from having to handle product many times, thus significantly reducing the number of touches in a process. Gravity conveyor makes for easy transportation and keeps the product in sequence. Gravity conveyor is most commonly utilized in loading and unloading trailers, picking processes, order fulfillment processes, consolidation processes, kitting processes, and any location within an automated system where gravity conveyor can be utilized to reduce the overall cost of the system.

CSI provides gravity conveyor in a variety of roller sizes, widths, and lengths.

  • 1 3/8” or 1.9” Diameter Rollers
  • No less than 3 Rollers are needed under each conveyable product
  • Galvanized Rollers (ungalvanized rollers are available, but not recommended)
  • Conveyor widths from 18” to 42” (wider widths available)
  • Rollers set high or low
  • Variety of Supports to obtain the desired Top of Roller Height
  • Variety of accessories; guard rail, end stops, manual diverts, spurs, etc.

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We also offer powered conveyor, carts, containers, and automated equipment.

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