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The purpose of a mechanical dock leveler or manual dock leveler is to span the gap between the dock and the trailer, as well as accommodate for height variations between the dock and the trailer. Dock plates are for personnel and manually powered equipment like pallet jacks or hand trucks. Dock boards are for powered equipment such as lift trucks and obviously have much higher load capacities. Dock plates and dock boards are considered manual dock levelers. Mechanical dock levelers can be edge of dock or pit mounted. They are for powered equipment such as lift trucks. Mechanical dock levelers can typically span wider gaps and compensate for larger height variations. Both Mechanical Dock Levelers and Manual Dock Levelers come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Our professionals can assist you in selecting what is needed for your unique application.

CSI provides mechanical dock levelers and manual dock levelers

  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Boards
  • Edge of Dock
  • Pit Mounted
  • Load and Unload trailers safely and efficiently

If you do not see specifically what you are looking for Contact Us, we are here to assist you. Request a quote and put our professional personnel to work for you.

We also offer security cages to restrict access to the warehouse and operations and increase security, Guard Rail to separate personnel from lift trucks in high traffic areas, and a broad range of other Safety & Security Equipment.

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